You are welcome to learn about mirror neurons (you may trust me on the subject).
Shall we take your Channel to the skies?


You can talk on any subject.

Three steps that don't cost anything:

Record video in a TIDY environment. Try to make it look RICH literary. We are subconsciously programmed to search for value (Golden ratio). Take a shower before shooting: Your skin and hair will shine GR. The dress is fresh and clean. 

Stay away from acetaldehyde (alcohol) for at least three days. It gives away a bad pre-vibe subconsciously to mirror neurons, and we are not aware of it. Acetaldehyde vibes poisoning. The grass is green, and the swelling went back down... and pre-vibe to GR.

Turn on THE SECOND HEART on your phone at:

Set in the vibrational pattern in your own magnetic field instantly.

Let bios run in the background. 

And that is a simple fact.