The time you read Like attracts Like again

Your phone is set to match the exact address in the magnetic aether. Usually presented to you like your phone number. 

When someone dials your number on his phone, his phone will first match the frequency of your phone, and then the connection to a known address is established. In other words, his or her phone was set Like yours to attract the signal and ring your device.

Once the connection is established, it is for the owner or answering machine to decide if the call will be answered. In the case of other addresses, we might not be aware of severely exposed and breached privacy,  

The similar addresses are IP, BT, Mac, GPS, and others set to our devices. The automatic answering machine is the hardware of the phone.


In non-technical terms, we can say that a simple intention to establish the connection is electrified.

Electricity in this process works as a time multiplicator.

The electric circuit resembles the force in the magnetic aether that forms around the cardio plexus area.